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  • NOTE : You do NOT have to be a member of PCA to make a disclosure.

In the interest of encouraging public disclosure of genetic disorders, the Papillon Club of America grants any member the necessary space (up to 1/2 page) for advertising in Pap Talk, at no cost, to be used to identify Papillons known to be effected with any genetic disorder.


Genetic disorders include, but are not limited to: eye, liver, blood, and neurological disorders. 


The disclosure shall follow a strict format per the form below and must be signed by all owner (s) of the dog.

The form below must be accompanied by the following documents : 

  1. Veterinary proof of disorder ( not to be reprinted in Pap Talk ) ;

  2. Photocopy of current AKC or foreign registration papers showing dog's current ownership.

DISCLOSURE FORM ( printable PDF / opens in a new window )

Mail the form, with required documentation to :


Blair Hooser

126 Wilcox St, Apt 102

Rochester, MI 48307 - USA

Phone : 765-412-2484


A copy will be forwarded to the Recording Secretary to be kept on file.



   While Papillons are generally a healthy breed, there are known genetic problems that affect

   some individuals.

   The goal of this Committee is to enlighten the breeding community and the general

   public about the types of problems that can occur, in the hopes we can all work

   together to reduce their incidence. 

 PCA Health & Genetic Committee       

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