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Papillon Club of America - Papillon Health & Genetics Committee



  • FUNDRAISING to support research studies on subjects that will be beneficial to the Papillon breed, owners and breeders.

  • To support research into canine diseases and provide health information to owners and breeders.

  • To make available health information on individually identified dogs to the Papillon community through the PCA approved process of Disclosure.

  • To educate and support Papillon breeders and owners to recognize health concern



  • Chairperson is liaison/leader for the committee
    to conduct the duties listed below :

-- Chairperson of the Papillon Club of America Health and Genetics

committee prepares an annual report to the membership of Papillon

Club of America regarding committee activities and the status of

research projects.

-- Chairperson of the Papillon Club of America Health and Genetics

committee is liaison or may designate a liaison to work with Researchers and Veterinarians studying Papillon health concerns.

  • FUNDRAISING for research studies on subjects that will be beneficial to the Papillon Breed. Makes recommendations to the Papillon Club of America Board of Directors for approval for Research studies appropriate for the Papillon breed.

  • Conduct periodic health surveys to determine the current problems and health issues seen within the Papillon breed, gathering information from Papillon owners and breeders.

  • Education- post pertinent articles and information relative to Papillons on the Papillon Club of America Health and Genetics website.

  • Assist Papillon owners with preparation of Genetic Disclosure for publication in Pap Talk. Receives approved Genetic Disclosures and forwards to the PCA recording secretary for Disclosure publication in Pap Talk.

  • Personal support and education to all Papillon breeders, owners and potential owners.

  • Support and encourage specific health testing on all Papillons as recommended by Papillon Club of America. At this time the recommended testing includes eye exams, Patella exam, and Cardiac exams . Papillon Club of America is a founding member of Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). A CHIC number is issued for all dogs that are tested (within twelve months)and completed registry with CERF (eye), OFFA Patella and OFFA Cardiac with consent of owners to divulge results to public domain.

  • Maintains the Papillon Health and Genetics Website with health information, articles with relevant health information , lists of OFFA registered Papillons and CHIC Papillons, and current fundraising activities.



   While Papillons are generally a healthy breed, there are known genetic problems that affect

   some individuals.

   The goal of this Committee is to enlighten the breeding community and the general

   public about the types of problems that can occur, in the hopes we can all work

   together to reduce their incidence. 

 PCA Health & Genetic Committee       

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