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Raising funds to sponsor research and educate Papillon lovers is an ongoing function of the Papillon Club of America’s Genetic Research Committee (GRC). Genetic research is a long-term project, and results are not expected to occur over night. However with persistence and continued funding it is our hope that the Papillon Club of America can advance the health and well being of our breed via research endeavors.

Let us proudly introduce the gorgeous

Genetic pendant !  


Sterling Silver ; $ 85.00 

Gold 14 Kt ; ( only 1 left ) 

Price based on the current gold market,

please contact : Andi Meloon

Prices includes shipping within US
Prices does NOT include chain for necklace

Papillons are a toy dog and to us they are the best in the world. One of our hopes is that all Papillons will be healthy In pursuit of this goal all proceeds from this sale go to Papillon Genetic research.

We welcome and appreciate your order of the new pendant !

Thank you for your interest and your faithful support in Papillon Health.

Please contact : Andi Meloon

for questions or placing your order !



   While Papillons are generally a healthy breed, there are known genetic problems that affect

   some individuals.

   The goal of this Committee is to enlighten the breeding community and the general

   public about the types of problems that can occur, in the hopes we can all work

   together to reduce their incidence. 

 PCA Health & Genetic Committee       

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